BlackOut Measurement

BlackOut Measurement as prevention

Limits of network quality

The grid frequency in Germany has been at the limit of tolerances several times and thus shortly before a total failure of the power grid, the so-called BlackOut.

Part of a BlackOut measurement is the analysis of a load profile of a building or part of a building. This load profile serves as the basis for defining emergency power systems that are installed in step 2.

Essentially, it is about ensuring and defining system-relevant functions of authorities or municipalities.

With a BlackOut measurement, the following parameters are often measured over several days:

  • Max load in KW and / or KVA
  • Loading of the individual phases
  • Average load of the individual phases
  • Load profile over the measurement period, either in 1-minute or 1/4 hour cycles
  • Voltage curve
  • Maximum and minimum current per phase
  • Total energy consumption over the measurement period

How you benefit

You will receive a comprehensive concept as the basis for an investment decision and as a basis for securing a power failure.

You increase the attractiveness and reputation of your institution through a professional approach.

They create the prerequisites for being able to provide evidence of an investment decision for higher-level institutions.

What we offer

Thanks to our measuring technology, we can carry out a very specific and detailed analysis in order to design emergency systems or energy storage systems.

We develop a tiered program tailored to your institution with the necessary investments, tailored to your security and emergency strategy.

We take care of the qualification of your energy manager or the energy team through tailor-made training on the system installed later.

Background from the experiences

You will receive a professional and independent measurement tailored to your needs and requirements.

We have experience from a large number of projects from different regions in Germany. A current measurement is ideal for planning and documenting investments on a qualified basis.

We would be happy to advise you on your BlackOut measurement:

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