Branch measurement

Branch measurement as a benchmark

Comparison of several branches

Part of a branch measurement is the analysis of a load profile of a building or part of a building in comparison to another building with the same procedures and processes.

Electricity curves provide information about what weekly consumption looks like, what base load is generated at night, what savings can be achieved with a switch to LED or which consumers can be switched off at the weekend and ultimately what cost savings result from this.

Energy monitoring is a living system, just like the people who live and work in a building. This process is constantly changing, which is why permanent monitoring is the ideal tool for long-term and sustainable cost control.

Where such management makes sense and where it doesn't, the branch measurement in advance shows. In the case of a branch measurement, the following parameters are often measured over several days:

  • Max load in KW and / or KVA
  • Loading of the individual phases
  • Average load of the individual phases
  • Load profile over the measurement period, either in 1-minute or 1/4 hour cycles
    Voltage curve
  • Maximum and minimum current per phase
  • Total energy consumption over the measurement period
  • Measurement of individual building parts or processes as a basis for comparing other branches

How you benefit

You will receive a comprehensive concept as a basis for investment decisions and as a basis for securing the integration of an energy monitoring system.

You increase the attractiveness and reputation of your company through a sustainable analysis and procedure in the benchmarking of branches.

They create the conditions to be able to substantiate an investment decision.

What we offer

Thanks to our measuring technology, we can carry out a very specific and detailed analysis to measure and compare systems as the basis for energy performance indicators for individual branch locations.

We take care of the qualification of your energy manager or the energy team through tailor-made training on the system installed later.

Background from the experiences

You receive a professional and independent measurement of individual branches as a comparison to the basis of your requirements and investment decisions.

We have experience from a large number of projects from different regions in Germany and abroad. A current measurement is ideal for planning and documenting investments on a qualified basis and an ideal addition for the energy monitoring of branches.

We would be happy to advise you on your branch measurement:

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