Measuring point concept

Measuring point concept as the basis for energy data acquisition

Measuring point concept - what does it look like?

The measuring point concept records the results of the planning for implementing energy controlling and the associated energy data acquisition. So everyone can understand at any time which measuring points should be recorded in which regularity. This document can in turn become part of the later energy management manual.

The measuring point concept clarifies which kind of task the data collection should have, including the following elements:

  • Check the energy consumption
  • Forecast the energy demand
  • Identify optimization options
  • Check the effectiveness of implemented measures
  • Recognize energetic priorities in the company
  • Allocate the energy costs to the cost centers according to the source

The following questions must be defined and recorded in the measuring point concept:

  • How should the energy data acquisition be structured?
  • Should the energy data be measured permanently or temporarily?
  • At what interval should the data be stored on the server?
  • Which key figures should be formed?
  • Who will analyze the energy data?
  • How are the energy data analyzed?
  • Should the energy costs be allocated according to the cause?
  • Which master data (shift times, number of employees, building space etc.) should be included in the evaluation?
  • Who is responsible for checking the measuring equipment?

How you benefit

You will receive a comprehensive concept as a basis for investment decisions and as a basis for energy monitoring.

You benefit from system analysis and can optimize operational processes by visualizing energy flows and their influencing parameters.

You increase the attractiveness and reputation of your company through a professional approach.

They create the conditions to be relieved of the electricity and energy tax and to enforce the EEG compensation regulation.

What we offer

We support you in the analysis and definition of the measuring points for all energy sources.

We develop a step-by-step program tailored to your company with the necessary investments, tailored to your corporate strategy.

We take care of the qualification of your energy manager or the energy team through tailor-made training on the system installed later.

Background from the experiences

You get a professional and independent overview of energy measurement technology tailored to your needs and requirements.

We have experience from a large number of projects from different industries in Germany. A measuring point concept is ideal for planning investments on a qualified basis.

We are happy to help:

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